TABS Review - Modern Team Boat

TABS Review - Modern Team Boat

We are very happy with the TABS 5800 Territory Pro  - Modern Fishing explains . . . . 


The TABs 5.8m Territory Pro centre console is one of the most versatile and user friendly trailerboats on the market. It’s got the size and design features to tackle any challenge you throw at it, yet is loaded with loads of clever fishing features that make it a comfortable and incredibly productive boat to fish from. It’s even easily launched and retrieved by one person, making it an option for anyone who needs the size or space of a larger boat but doesn’t always have a full crew to help man it.

Being constructed from thick plate aluminium immediately gives this boat a number of significant advantages. The 5mm bottomsides and 4mm topsides are tough enough to cop a repetitive beating from Mother Nature, yet keep the overall cost and weight of the hull lower than fibreglass, making it a very affordable option.

Despite its size, the construction material of the Territory Pro makes it a great candidate for remote launches off riverbanks and beaches. While copping a few knocks from rock bars, oysters, coral clusters and ramps isn’t ideal, it is inevitable. The TABs is designed to handle these without damaging the hull.

Its adventure potential isn’t compromised because of its length, either. In fact, even though a 5.8m plate boat is reaching the upper limit of a comfortable trailerable option, the size certainly does come in handy once it’s in the drink. Thanks to its 150L under floor fuel tank, economical four-stroke engine, massive amount of storage space and bulletproof construction, this makes an ideal candidate for long-range camping and fishing missions.

With the option of being powered by anything from a super-economical 115hp engine, up to a powerful 170hp, the Territory Pro becomes so versatile. As a pure offshore fishing boat, it has all the necessary features. In addition, it also boasts plenty of features as a remote waterway tourer. The 5.8m can do anything a $100,000 boat can, at half the price!

While centre consoles are certainly not as dry as other hull types, the plate construction provides enough weight to help the TABs punch through choppy seas with ease. With a 17in prop fitted to the engine, it also gets up out of the hole quickly and boasts plenty of maneuverability and mobility. Guided by quality chartplotting and sonar electronics, the boat is just as easy to navigate through a fast-flowing Top End creek as it is to approach a FAD 50 miles off the coast.

The TABs represents an ideal compromise of ride, performance, comfort and trailerability. When its vast number of features come into consideration as well, it’s not hard to see why the Territory Pro represents such great value for money.

Some of its standard, fishing-focused features include: a carpeted anchor well to stop the chain rattling as you plough through the swells, an oversized, underfloor kill tank, 1.5m esky, reversible centre folding chair (that comes in handy when you want to face your lures as you troll) with storage underneath, carpeted floor and front casting platform, multiple rod holders and seat positions (four of each) and carpeted side pockets.

Some of the options that TABs can fit to your boat to make it even more of a fishing friendly rig include: plumbing the kill tank, plumbed live well under the front casting platform, hydraulic steering, transom door and lots more.