First Victorian Blue Marlin

First Victorian Blue Marlin

Fishing wouldn’t be complete without the stories to back it up, and from time to time here at the Modern Fishing office we come across some absolute rippers.

This one comes in from Joe Costoso, who managed to land one of what is believed to be, the first Victorian Blue Marlin on rod and reel.

“After a 5.30 start everything looked good to see some action out on the water.

“We then started our run out to sea with the depth dropping rapidly, our first strike came within minutes … after another hour or so, the second strike came and was almost a mirror image of the first, with scuffed line and marked hook coming back after small amount of line came off the spool.

“By the way we were running two 37 bent butt outfits and two straights” said Joe.

“Roughly one hour into the battle the fish made a mighty sub surface run which stripped 250m of 37kg.

“I began the slow process of bringing the fish back to the boat 25 minutes of pump and wind, plus some good boating skills and up came the blue surfacing behind the boat belly up, lifeless making our decision to bring him onboard much easier for all involved” he said.

Hearing stories like that is honesty what helps get you out there with a rod in your hand every weekend.

From your own experience, what’s the biggest battle you’ve had with the rod?