Thanks to your help the campaign to keep the coral sea open to recreational angling spearheaded by our friends at Nomad Sportfishing is beginning to take effect!

With everyone’s help, Nomad has so far sent over 8000 letters to the minister for environment regarding the closures in the Coral Sea. This is an absolutely phenomenal response, and it has completely shocked the environment department and the minister’s office, and has clearly shocked PEW as well. So far this has caused 3 interesting things to happen:-

1) This has completely taken the minister and environment department by surprise, and has already seen the federal environment department now say that they are willing to discuss changes to the zoning during the next round of consultation. Their previous position was that the maps were final, and that was that!

2) We’ve got the environmental group PEW running scared – they have decided that they need to directly copy our campaign, and have set up an email the minister link. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery they say….

3) The final round of public consultation for the Coral Sea was supposed to start last week. It has not yet started, and there is no sign of when it will start. This says that the politicians and environment department are sitting around scratching their heads a little confused about all the interest in the Coral Sea from recreational anglers.

The point to take in here is that by working together we can achieve access for recreational anglers, and we can make these politicians listen to us, they just need to know we’re here and we care.

Once the final public consultation phase opens, Nomad are going to be organising another group letter to be sent as a submission for the final round of consultation. When this time comes, another notification from Nomad will be posted and hopefully we’ll all be able to work together to achieve access for all recreational anglers in the Coral Sea and for everywhere else in Australia.